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Customized Service

Bo Jun Precision Sheet Metal Co., Ltd is extremely well equipped to provide customized solutions to your sheet metal product needs. We have a team of 6 engineers who have at least 20 years of experience and knowledge combined to serve your specific requirement. We can take an idea and convert it into a fully functional product. We provide flexible manufacturing facilities geared to custom production while offering craftsmen with years of daily experience implementing custom designs. Expert guidance of in-house design will be available while we offer beyond expectations level of quality. 

Bo Jun makes custom fabricated sheet metal products with plated, painted, powder coated or silk screened finishes. We have extensive experience in design, tooling and manufacture of high precision metal fabrications including custom sheet metal Racks, Cabinets and enclosures for a wide range of applications. Aluminum, cold rolled steel and stainless steel metalwork can be fabricated from a variety of material thickness.

We use state of the art CAD programs such as SolidWorks, Pro-E, Auto CAD to ensure high quality products. Our reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing has been primary factor in our continued growth over the years. 
In Bo Jun, there are mainly three ways to offer customized service:
1. Making products according to client’s own design drawings. This is the most common way of how we work.
2. Helping client work out design drawings and producing. As long as client give us enough information about product, such as verbal description, photos, draft drawing or samples, then our engineers can draw it for clients with proper software.
3. One-stop service for clients. Sometimes clients need a reliable metal fabrication supplier to help sourcing related products to match with other goods, for example, decorative metalwork, machining metal parts, stamping and deep drawing parts, casting parts and the like. We can help sourcing related suppliers and ship all the goods together to save our clients’ time and money.

We are open to offer more customized service for clients. Please feel free to contact us and talk more about your needs
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