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Electrical Cabinet Fabrication

Electrical cabinet:
Custom electrical cabinet clients want a perfect fit for their application, yet cannot sacrifice the affordability of a standard mass-produced enclosure.

Custom Options

We provide Custom electrical cabinets with virtually unlimited custom options. Electrical enclosure sizes can range from small junction box enclosures to large walk-in buildings. Custom electrical cabinets can have special features including windows, custom doors, insulation, lights, fans and more. The mounting options include wall mount, pole mount, pad and free standing.

Quality Assurance
Customization is available in all types of materials including carbon steel, galvanized steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel. We have the ability to precision cut all holes and cutouts, custom paint and finishes as well as manufacturing custom sizes with the same high quality as standard enclosures and quick turn around times.

We provide flexible manufacturing facilities geared to custom production while providing craftsmen with years of daily experience implementing custom designs. Expert guidance of in-house design will be provided while we offer beyond expectations level of quality.

Our mission statement is to provide consistent quality at all unit volumes, from a single electrical enclosure to hundreds volume.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive price and rapid turn around time, and it is easy to see why Bo Jun Precision Sheet Metal Co., Ltd sets an industry standard for custom electrical enclosure development.

To maximize quality control and achieve short lead times, all our fabrication/assembly processes are in house. Our attention to detail makes us able to respond rapidly on changing market needs. Contact us now to get a quote. Call +86 0757 81186698 or email