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Equipment: 4000 Watt AMADA FD-3015NT Laser Cutting Machine
Place of Origin: Japan
Cutting Dimension: 3000*1500mm
Cutting thickness: 0.2-12mm for stainless steel, 0.3-20mm for carbon steel
Feature: High precision, less burr

Equipment: AMADA NCT Punching Machine

Place of Origin: Japan

Cutting Dimension: 2000*1200mm

Cutting thickness: Less than 3mm

Feature: Lower cost

Equipment: AMADA Bending Machine
Quantity: 3
Place of Origin: Japan
Bending Dimension: 3000mm
Bending thickness: Less than 6mm

Equipment: Punching Machine
Quantity: 8
Application: Riveting, clinching, drilling etc.

Equipment: Oil Hydraulic Pressing Machine
Application: Making simple patterns on flat metal plates

Equipment: Brushing Machine
Application: Satin polishing (linishing) for flat metal plates  

Equipment: Pipe cutting Machine

Application: Cutting all kinds of pipe ( round, square) in different angles. 

Equipment: High emperature drying oven

Application: Drying powder coated or painted metal products in 200-250 degree.