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Quality Control

Our reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing has been primary factor in our continued growth over the years. A thorough quality control system has been well developed in Bo Jun to make sure all our final products are strongly required to adhere to the standard of ISO9001 quality management standard.

There are 6 quality inspectors in our QC department. Since every client has specific metal products and requirement, quality inspecting tasks are assigned according to specific clients. The main advantage of this assignment is that inspectors are clearer about how to make satisfying custom sheet metal products.

Quality controlling starts from drawing processing to packing. Every step affects the final goods quality. Our basic quality control system can be divided into three steps as follow:

>> First Inspection
When our engineers have all productive drawings ready, the very first custom metal product is fabricated by inspector to ensure the other following products are as correct as the very first one. If the first one is defective, inspector should be responsible for that.
>> Routing Inspection
We don’t go for mass production until the first flawless custom sheet metal product is completed. In the mean time, Quality inspector will keep eyes on the production procedure in case of mistakes. So we can make up and rectify before the mistake becomes irreversible. Besides, we will inspect the products before any surface treatment like powder coating, anodizing or plating to cut down cost of mistake and save time.

>> Final Inspection
Before delivery, quality inspector will check all the final products again to make sure our clients will receive nothing but perfect custom metal fabricated products.