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Sheet Metal Box & Case Fabrication

Sheet metal box & case:
Bo Jun Precision Sheet Metal Co., Ltd can make all types of sheet metal boxes and sheet metal cases that you design. Typical applications include electronic wall mount boxes, telephone panel boxes, telephone shelf main boxes and more.

As a recognized, high quality, innovative manufacturer of sheet metal boxes & sheet metal enclosures for PC and communications equipment as well as of other sheet metal products, we offer design, prototype and manufacturing service from start to finish with high quality and on time delivery.

We use industry standard CAD programs to achieve the highest quality in the industry. Our reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing has been primary factor in our continued growth over the years.

The materials used include cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel, stainless steel, metal alloy and aluminum. We use state of the art CAD programs such as SolidWorks, Pro-E, Auto CAD to ensure high quality products.

We can finish the surface with painting, plating, anodizing, plastic coating, powder-coating, silk-screening and more!

To maximize quality control and achieve short lead times, all our fabrication/assembly processes are in house. Our attention to detail makes us able to respond rapidly on changing market needs. Contact us now to get a quote. Call +86 0757 81186698 or email