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Sheet Metal Chassis Fabrication

Sheet Metal chassis:
We make custom fabricated sheet metal chassis and covers for electrical and electronic enclosures and components. Chassis can be plated, painted, powder coated and silk screened. Aluminum, cold rolled steel and stainless steel sheet metal chassis fabrication can be fabricated from a variety of material thickness.

We have extensive experience in design, tooling and manufacture of precision metal fabrications including sheet metal and steel and aluminum tube welding. Our custom fabricated sheet metal chassis and covers are used to house various electromechanical controls, the dimensions are very critical to assure high precision alignment among different parts.

Equipped with the 4000 watt AMADA FD-3015NT, we are adept at fabricating single piece chassis and multi-part assemblies. Bo Jun Precision Sheet Metal Co., Ltd is the place to turn for technically precise, cost-effective production of a wide variety of chassis: from simple to complex, low to high volume, with basic to highly specialized finishes.

We use industry standard CAD programs to achieve the highest quality in the industry. Our reputation for quality, service and competitive pricing has been primary factor in our continued growth over the years.

To maximize quality control and achieve short lead times, all our fabrication/assembly processes are in house. Our attention to detail makes us able to respond rapidly on changing market needs. Contact us now to get a quote. Call +86-757-81186698 or email